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The newest fragrances for men

So it's not only new women's fragrances being launched this summer but men's fragrances too. If you haven't read my latest August blog post then grab a minute after reading this post and take a look at what's new for women. Today however, I'm excited to introduce you to the hottest new men's fragrances that have arrived at Chave and Jackson. There are quite a few and my goodness the master perfumers have been hard at work again! All of the fragrances are available at the Chave and Jackson perfumery on Broad Street, Hereford. A luxury complimentary gift wrapping service is available at the store throughout the year too!


So let's start with the first of the new fragrances...

Jimmy Choo Urban Hero

Jimmy Choo has created a new masculine fragrance Urban Hero, an ode to the mysterious and confident Jimmy Choo man. This aromatic Eau de Parfum is inspired by the urban environment. Immediately it gives the freshness of precious lemon caviar with the warmth of black pepper, the sensuality of rosewood and the sophistication of vetiver. There is an urban elegance of grey amber with a note of leather too. It's a beautiful blend and from my thoughts as a female who loves my man to wear a great scent, I am giving this a massive thumbs up! Watch out for this one, as I think it will be under many a Christmas tree this year! Prices from £33.



Mont Blanc Explorer

Explorer by Mont blanc is an exciting new unconventional woody aromatic leather fragrance that reveals a fresh green Italian Bergamot, a powerful Vetiver from Haiti, and combines with exclusive Patchouli from Sulawesi. It's a new combinaton that blends well to produce a really exquisite men's fragrance. Before I leave this one alone, I have to mention the EXPLORER bottle. It's true when Mont Blanc says "it pays tribute to European craftmanship and pioneer spirit.". I think this new fragrance is admirably classic yet streets ahead of contemporary rivals in so many ways. I'm loving this! Prices from £32.



Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau

Monsieur Gaultier gets it right again! Jean Paul Gaultier's new fragrance Le Beau is a nod to the coconut lover.... so guess what? I'm immediately in love.... This new fragrance is a blend of bergamot, coconut and tonka bean that really sits on the skin to give a great all day scent. It's perfect for any season and any time of day morning or evening. Just one more spritz please? Prices from £52.50.

Jean _Paul _Gaultier _LE_BEAU_JPG


Issey Miyake Wood & Wood

Issey Miyake launches this new intense Eau de Parfum to create a fragrance experience aligned to the strength of wood. This is a fragrance launched as a compliment to its delightful new women's fragrance Rose and Rose. What a duo these are. Wood and Wood is a double concentration of cedarwood and sandalwood offset by the fresh tang of a grapefruit. I think this is a perfectly polished new fragrance and definitely worth a spritz for all you Issey Miyake lovers! Prices from £51.



 Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend

This new fragarnce by Paco Rabanne compliments the new fragrance for women by Paco Rabanne called Olympea. Invictus Legend is the the ultimate hero. The trophy styled bottle with chrome cap is bold and so distinctive. The fragrance is an intense spicy-wood with a blend of metallic geranium, green laurel, salty grapefruit with accents of smoky galac wood, red amber and addictive honey. Wow! This is sensuality for men at it's best! Prices from £54.

Paco -Rabanne -Invictus -legend (2)


Diesel Spirit of the Brave

Spirit of the Brave is the awaited new fragrance from Diesel that echoes the huge success of its other fragrance Only The Brave. Spirit of the Brave is unconventional and playful and noted as Diesel's most luxurious fragrance to date. The very first notes unveil a modern and masculine green signature bringing a boost of freshness with an unprecedented concentration of natural ingredients. This Eau de Parfum is the fragrance of sophisticated masculinity and many of you will absolutely love it!. Personally I love the blend of freshness and masculine warmth. What a stunning combo! Prices from £47.


So I am totally convinced that there are enough new men's fragrances to browse and spritz at the counter this month. There really is pretty much something for every fragrance taste and type. Thank you master perfumers and fragrance houses, you have spoiled us all over again.

Until next time!


Eva x 

Written by Eva for Chave and Jackson at 11:00
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