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A review of some of the new male fragrances this year by guest blogger, Spencer Lewis

Our guest blogger Spencer Lewis loves fragrance. This month he takes an honest look at a few of the newest male fragrances that have been launched in 2018.

Hi everyone!

It's great to be back on the Chave and Jackson blog. This month Chave and Jackson have asked that I share my thoughts on four new men’s fragrances for 2018.  Being that I have always found them to be the most informative, helpful fragrance store in Hereford, I was happy to help! As always, i’d implore you to go in and try these fragrances for yourself as it goes without saying that fragrance is an extremely personal thing.

These are my thoughts for four new fragrances from Thierry Mugler, Hermés, Jimmy Choo and Paul Smith. Hopefully you will go in and try some of these for yourself, so you can start wearing them ahead of most or even enjoy purchasing for a loved one this Christmas! Most men believe it or not love a fragrance for Christmas!


Thierry Mugler - Alien Man

First impressions are that this doesn’t seem to retain any of the DNA of the female version of Alien, which is probably a good thing being that it’s such a distinctively female scent. This fragrance starts with muskiness, which I believe is a mixture of a sweet note coupled with beech wood.  It gives it a wonderful earthy quality, which then subsides and makes way for a combination of leather and sweet smokiness.  It isn’t as quirky as a standard Thierry Mugler fragrance but it still manages to avoid following a standard formula. For this reason, I feel like this could be the kind of fragrance that scores highly for Thierry Mugler. 

What I like most about this is that it’s an all year round scent.  It’s workable in the summer as it DOES have some sweetness, but being that it’s blended with amber and leather, it gives it almost a sweet tobacco feel which I feel gives it a warming autumnal/winter feel.  I feel like this is going to be a very popular fragrance.

In short: Sensual and distinctive.  Another hit for Thierry Mugler.

Male fragrance Alien


Hermés - Eau de Citron Noir

This is a scent that is gifted with an opening that really demands your attention.  Eau de Citron Noir has a beautiful; natural scented lemon zest/lime opening, which I think, is from black or dried lime. It’s quite sharp from the off, but that does start to lessen, so don’t be alarmed.  This fragrance actually paints a fairly vivid picture of relaxing by the beach. Being that this one is an eau de cologne, you shouldn’t be going into it expecting it to be a powerhouse. I’m envisaging it being for someone who prefers understated sophistication, and doesn’t necessarily want to overtly inflict their fragrance on anyone in the general vicinity. Personally, I would happily add this one to my collection as a tasteful, cultivated daytime fragrance. It wears quite closely to the skin, but anyone close enough to you will surely appreciate its subtleties.  

In short: Refined, refreshing and nuanced.

Unknown -4


Paul Smith - Hello You 

This has a citrus opening which is elevated by what I feel is a lovely green apple note which creates an invigorating beginning. This moves on to lavender, which adds a powdery floral feel making way for patchouli and vetiver to round things off with a masculine flourish.  It has a different feel to the others as the fruitiness bursts through from the apple rather than the citrus.  I feel like it’s a kind of playful, relaxed fragrance. Not too sensual, not too sweet.  This one is very well rounded which means you can throw it on as a daytime staple scent with ease. It’s as easy going as you’d like it to be.  I feel like this fragrance has something that mostly everyone can like, which should mean that it’s a great one for drawing compliments. All in all I find this to be a thoroughly likeable fragrance.

In short: Casual, playful. Relevant all year round, and mainly suited for day use.

Male Fragrance Paul Smith (1)


Jimmy Choo Man - Blue

This one opens with all of the freshness that you’d expect from a fragrance entitled “Blue” but it doesn’t meander there for too long.  This is a positive curveball, as after the initial burst of bergamot-based freshness it moves through to vetiver based, greener pastures.  I see this as being a massive positive as it resets your expectations of the fragrance. I believe that they’ve gone for creating a “Blue” fragrance with a little more to it; possibly to capitalise on the success of Sauvage by Dior.  When “Blue” has fully dried down, you still get some of the initial citrus but it is wonderfully mixed with grey amber and leather. Speaking of which, the leather in the fragrance adds some seasonal versatility. 

Personally, I feel like this is best suited to an all year round daytime staple scent, but if you simply like smelling great, then you might find yourself wearing this in the evening too.  This is a contemporary scent that manages to deliver something different to the usual aquatic and citrus blend you might be expecting from a “Blue” scent.  This scent surpassed my expectations with regard to how long I thought it would last as I could still pick it up to a decent degree on my skin around 6 or 7 hours after spraying.   

In short: Modern, masculine and stylish. 

Male Fragrance Jimmy Choo Blue


Thanks to all you fragrance lovers for joining me.

Best wishes and until next time,

Spencer x




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