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Guerlain Special 3 Day Event 15th - 17th September 2016

We're excited to be holding a special and exclusive to Hereford Guerlain event on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week (15th, 16th & 17th September 2016).

Chave And Jackson 3 Day Event
Whether you're a fan of Guerlain or have never used it and are interested, it’s definitely going to be an unmissable opportunity for you to truly explore this brand.

We'll be offering 10% OFF all Guerlain fragrances, skincare and cosmetics, plus fizz and a host of special treats, so it’s definitely a time to join us in store.

Guerlain is one of the oldest cosmetic and fragrance brands in the world. Founded in 1828 in Paris, Guerlain soon became a creator of fragrances to Napoleon III and his wife Empress Eugenie, Queen Victoria and Queen Isabella II of Spain. Master perfumers of both female and male fragrances, Guerlain is also a leading luxury cosmetic brand.

Terracotta became the very first bronzing powder created to give a healthy glow in a flash. This led the way for many others. Guerlain’s award-winning bronzer captures all the reflections of the sun and lights up the reflection with an instant natural healthy glow.

Terracotta PallettesTerracotta Pallettes 2

Why not take a look at Terracotta during our 3 Day Guerlain Event, where we'll be demonstrating its application along with the Guerlain "Complexion Perfection Until After the Clock Strikes Midnight" at 10am and 3pm daily?

Come and explore Guerlain fragrances, skincare and cosmetic collections throughout this Special 3 Day Event and don't forget to grab a glass of fizz too!

Guerlain Perfume
For more information about the event, please contact Pauline on 01432 272152 or

Look forward to seeing you there!

Love Eva x

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