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Guest blogger Fran reviews Estee Lauder's Clear Difference range

Finding the right skin regime is always tough especially with young skin. I've been asked by Chave and Jackson to try out Estée Lauder's new product range for visibly clear skin. The range is called 'CLEAR DIFFERENCE' and is a powerful formula created to significantly reduce blemishes, calm skin and keep pores clear of debris...

Estee Lauder's Clear Difference range is designed to completely revitalise your skin at the end of the day, as we can all feel clogged up after a long day, I know I do. Over the years I have been searching for a skin care range, which is kind and gentle for my particularly sensitive skin, I've tried everything from prescribed treatments to brands, which I found were particularly harsh on my skin. So, I decided to give Estée Lauder a go.

The trial was for 10 days and has ended with a consultation with one of Estée Lauder’s specialists at my local beauty store in Hereford, Chave and Jackson.

For you to see, I have posted a photo most morning after application so that the products have been given time to work and fingers crossed make a difference.

Cleansing Process- Day 1- 14/5/14

Fran -day -1

Tonight I began my new night time skin regime.  I started by completely cleansing/cleaning my face by using the Estée Lauder 'perfectly clean' 3 in 1 cleanser/toner/remover alongside warm water. This product left my skin feeling and looking completely fresh and confident in feeling that my makeup was completely gone. 

I then used a cotton pad to smooth on my first Clear Difference product 'advanced blemish serum’, which works to significantly reduce the look of blemishes and reveal clearer, smoother and fresher skin.

Thirdly, I applied the Clear Difference 'Targeted Blemish Treatment' which is a gel roll on that targets any problem areas such as blemishes and blackheads which creates a minor stingy feeling which shows it is actively working which is always great for people with troubled skin!

Lastly I applied the Day Wear moisturiser to keep my skin cleansed and nourished during my sleep. This particular moisturiser is really calming for my skin, so light that it doesn't feel at all cloggy which I find most do.


After day 1, I woke up feeling really refreshed, any blemishes had reduced and my face looked and felt a lot clearer. I believe the skincare has started to reduce redness as well and left me with a more even skin tone. So far this treatment has been amazing and I can definitely see results for the first time.

Day 2- I repeated the same process again, as before it was calming and felt no 'burn' as such which I have had with previous skincare products.

Fran -day -2

As you can see from the picture the blemishes in the first picture have definitely reduced and started to clear away, I am feeling really positive with the effects so far and hopefully by the end of the trial I will feel a lot more confident with my bare face which I haven't in years!

Day 3- again, same routine as previous days I wouldn't say there has been a dramatic change from day 2 which I wasn't expecting anyway as I can visibly see the treatment is working and as a tough process and will take some time. Although the treatment has definitely improved the overall appearance as my skin looks a lot brighter and healthier this is clearly seen in this picture.

Franday -3

Day 4-6 I didn’t photograph each of these stages as I felt the results were very similar and my skin was taking time to clear up.

Fran -day -4

Day 7- 9 although I still have slight marks of blemishes they have all reduced and my skin is looking and feeling a lot clearer.

Fran -day -5

This regime has also improved my overall skin during the day, my foundation used to end up making my skin look quite shiny and oily, whereas now by the end of the day even though the coverage may not be as good the overall look is exactly the same and not at all oily.

Overall, I am completely shocked with the impact that the Estee Lauder ‘Clear Difference’ had on my skin, for the first time in years I felt confident without wearing makeup, as my skin became evenly toned and looked a lot brighter and healthier.

After I returned the products to Chave and Jackson, I really missed my new routine and already can see a difference in my skin without the products so I will definitely be purchasing the whole set as it’s really worth it!

 Fran x

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