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Guest Blogger Review - Clarins For Men

Hello, it’s Spencer again, and as per my first guest blog, I’ve been asked by Chave and Jackson to share my thoughts on a few of their products; this time from the Clarins for Men skincare range........

I’m no stranger to trying to look after my skin, but ordinarily I stick to just using moisturiser and using shaving foam during a shave.  This means that the extent of my skin care begins and ends with standard off the supermarket shelf products.
A little bit of background, Clarins is a French luxury cosmetics company that was founded by a medical student in 1954.  I haven’t had the benefit of trying any of their products before, so I’m looking forward to seeing if I can notice any difference to my already-mentioned, quite minimal skin care routine.
I’ve been asked to look at Clarins for Men Super Moisture Gel and Balm, their Revitalizing Gel, and lastly, some After Shave Energizer.

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Firstly, I thought I’d look at the Super Moisture products as they’re what I’m most familiar with.  It seems very much like the balm and the gel offer essentially the same thing, but for different types of skin.  I would say that the balm is a bit more substantial, without feeling oily and would be for drier skin.  This would leave the gel for someone who would prefer a lighter texture, who has normal skin.  My skin is fairly standard, but both of them feel like absolute quality.  You don’t get any oil or shininess at all, like you would from a standard moisturiser which is probably down to my skin absorbing it very quickly.  My skin felt great straight after application.  Very much worth the money and really, I’d be surprised if anyone said anything to the contrary.
The Aftershave Energizer is like an aftershave splash, without the pain and suffering that is usually attached to such a thing.  After application I experienced no discomfort, and instead of my skin feeling raw, red and blotchy, it’s ready to go.  Very quick, very simple, like a breath of fresh air. I’m impressed by this, and I’m not typically someone who has a whole lot of facial hair on the go.  If I were blessed (cursed?) with having to shave every day, then I would absolutely want a product like this in my cabinet.
Finally, we have the Revitalizing Gel.  This one almost overlaps with the Super Moisture products, but this is coming at more of an anti-aging angle.  The gel itself is very lightweight, smells great, and again, a little goes a long way.   A small, pea-sized amount pretty much covered my entire forehead and then around my eyes, which would obviously be the two main places where you’d see wrinkles first.  I think this one is built to harden your skin, and to sort out the early stages of aging.  Being that you’d likely be applying this in the morning after a shave, or in the evening just before sleep, I don’t think you could incorporate both this and a Super Moisture product into your routine.
Before trialling these products I was suffering from dry skin across my torso.  After 3 or 4 days of using the moisturizing products, it is far less prominent and looks as though it’s going to disappear entirely.   
All in all, I think these products are of a very high quality.  They do have a price-tag to match this statement but when you figure in that they last, and that you don’t need much of them at all, I believe they would make an absolutely perfect Christmas or Birthday gift for someone who likes to look after themselves.   Myself, as a 29 year old male that is concerned about wrinkles and dry skin, I think I could get away with just the Super Moisture Gel and the Aftershave Energizer for now, but after dabbling with these four products, I’d definitely be interested in looking into what else Clarins can offer. 

If any relatives of mine happen to stumble across my meanderings; you now know what to buy me for Christmas!



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