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Beat the January Blues!

Well we are already half way through January and the Christmas celebrations seem like a distant memory. Now everyone is talking about the January blues, so we thought a few ideas for a little pick me up will help you through!

We all know that starting January with a list of New Year’s resolutions that usually end up broken or forgotten can be less than motivational, but a few little changes can benefit your health and wellbeing whatever the season.

This month is all about rebalancing and rejuvenating.

Making life easy, Clarins have put together a trio of products which includes cleanser, toner and a gentle exfoliating refiner. This great value cleansing kit is the first steps to beautiful skin.

Over on the Clinique counter they are launching the NEW Superdefense SPF20.  An all round skin protection cream, offering hydration, antioxidants, sun protection as well as reducing the signs of ageing! With every purchase you can also pick up a free sample of the NEW Superdefense eye cream*.

If the cold weather is getting to your skin then we recommend Herbfarmacy’s Skin Rescue Balm. Produced locally in Herefordshire this moisturising balm soothes and protects dry and cracked area. Helping to rejuvenate sensitive and problem skin as well as nourishing areas that are in need of a boost. 

Skin -rescue -balm

If you would like individual advice and guidance why not pop in store and arrange a free consultation with our health and beauty advisers. Don’t forget you can also earn points on all purchases.


Here’s to a happy and positive January!

Eva x

Written by Eva for Chave and Jackson at 00:00
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