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Our reviewer, Spencer Lewis, gets his nostrils around the first male fragrance release from Jimmy Choo. Perfect for Christmas!

"Elegant and contemporary, with a rock attitude, Jimmy Choo MAN wears its masculinity with confidence"

What was reviewed?:

As a man who loves fragrances, I was delighted to review the new Jimmy Choo MAN Eau de Toilette with complimentary Shower Gel.

Jimmy Choo MAN (1)

On to the fragrance itself:

Jimmy Choo MAN is classified as being a woody fougère, which means that if it were a colour, it'd be green. The word fougère essentially means "fern-like" in French, so this one is definitely set to one side away from the citrus based aquatics. In the very first instance, from the first spray, you get the greenery with a touch of melon, then after about 20 minutes it rounds off with some lavender and muskiness. I don't think of any particular age group wearing it. It's the type of scent that if you were a big fan, you could wear it day in, day out as a signature scent. For my money, the only season that I could see the scent not working at all (and this is purely subjective) would be Summer, as the freshness of the scent disappears when the scent dries; other than that, with the right person, this could be worn all year.

Who is the scent for?

This could suit anyone from the age of 18 right the way up. It's a very masculine scent, which lacks any youthful playfulness, which is why I'd set the younger age limit but wouldn't set a higher one. The only other limitation I'd set is that I don't think this is one for a fan of powerhouses. If you're thinking of buying for someone and you know for sure that they're subject to walking out of the door soaked in Joop or Le Male, then this isn't going to be strong enough for them. On the flip side, a lot of men wear fragrances for themselves rather than the rest of the office, so this would be a perfect gift for someone who prefers scents that are worn closer to the skin.

Final Verdict:

Not a bad scent! Jimmy Choo fragrances for women have proven to be very popular, so it'll be interesting to see how popular this one gets. There's nothing in the fragrance that I can imagine being a turn-off for people and that's probably its biggest strength. It isn't for a certain age group, or a type of person, as literally anyone could wear it.  Also, if projection and longevity are a cause for concern, coupling up the scent with the Shower Gel should make the scent last longer, especially if you were to spray the fragrance onto clothing or into your hair.

Merry Christmas!



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