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Customer Kerry Diamond Reviews Our New Clarins Super Restorative Anti-Ageing Skincare Range

I am delighted to review the new Super Restorative Anti-Ageing Skincare range from Clarins. On talking to Mandy, the Clarins Consultant at Chave and Jackson, I quickly learned that this range is targeted specifically at women over the age of 50, aiming to revive mature skin challenged by age-related hormonal changes.

I was given the full range to take home and trial for a week. This included the Super Restorative Serum, the Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate, the Super Restorative Day Cream, the Super Restorative Night Wear, the Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck Concentrate and the Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask.

Kerry Diamond With Clarins Super Restorative Range

When Chave and Jackson asked me, it was a real treat and perfectly timed to try out this range, as last week was even more hectic than normal! I usually have three 5am starts, a long commute, work in a climate-controlled office, have a late drive home and frequently travel by train and flights to Frankfurt. Last week was no different - just more meetings and a long day interviewing for a new PA, whilst trying to look groomed and organised! I’m off to Norway for Christmas, so with temperatures around -10°C, saunas and log fires, my skin is in real need of something special....

My skin is relatively normal, but a bit sensitive, so I'm naturally a bit cautious when trying new products. I need a range that is easy to use, as my morning schedule is organised down to the minute, so no time to fiddle with difficult-to-use stuff. I need hydration and a base which helps me keep my make-up in place during the day.

I have recently 'graduated' from the Clarins Extra-Firming Day/Night products to the Vital Light range but couldn't really see any difference, so was keen to see if the Super Restorative range delivered a step up. I rarely use an eye cream, as I always get confused about whether they are for day or night, dark circles or wrinkles and worry my eye make-up will slide off - often getting puffy eyes from a heavy cream. I have tried some Bobbi Brown products but their Extra range is just too heavy.

The new Clarins Super Restorative range looks lovely in the bathroom and the packaging is strong.  The Serum and Total Eye Concentrate have an easy-to-use pump action.

After cleansing, I used 1 pump of the Total Eye Concentrate and shared it between my two ring fingers, dotting around my eyes. The cream was easily absorbed.  I then applied 2 pumps of the Serum and left a short gap while I let them both sink in. Next, I put on the Day Cream, using the recommended method of warming it between my hands and then pressing on my face - a bit weird at first but thanks to Mandy (In-store Consultant) for letting me know how to use it. I applied the Décolleté and Neck Concentrate last.  I then did a bit of tidying up, put on my leave-in hair conditioner and contact lenses, then applied my make-up. It was quite quick and I didn't lose any time.  My make-up stayed on well - the moisturiser proving a good primer.

In the evening, I did the same - just replacing the Day Cream with the Night Wear cream. I used the Replenishing Comfort Mask twice - once while in the bath and the second time while doing other beauty routines; both worked well.  I checked with a friend, who is a Beauty Therapist, and made sure I was as generous with the mask as it would be during a facial  - much more product than I'd normally use.  The mask was well absorbed both times. It was really lovely and creamy and I will definitely take it with me to use in the sauna post skiing. I would mention that when I was rushing on an early start,  I did skip the Décolleté and Neck Concentrate on a couple of days, as I was a bit worried about marking my clothes but I made sure to be extra diligent that evening. I really appreciated that the eye cream could be used both am and pm, so less hassle and of course less to pack!

Kerry Diamond Applying Clarins Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask

Overall, I think the range is great - maybe because I made an extra effort to do everything properly for 7 days, morning and evening, or maybe because I was using a range that worked together rather than a mixture of random elements. My skin did indeed look fresher and less dehydrated, even after a rather tiring week.  I prefer a minimal make-up look normally and don't like to hide behind a mask of foundation etc. I think the only product missing is an exfoliator for the same age group. I think the important point for me is that it didn't take a huge amount more time to do it all properly and the result was a softer, plumper feel at a time of year when my skin is normally quite dehydrated.

Kerry Diamond

Thanks again for this treat! I hope this has started me on a routine that I can continue.

Kerry xx


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