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Guest Blogger Spencer reviews Clinique for Men range

Hello again, It's Spencer, refreshed and slightly burnt after a lovely holiday in Greece. This time I'm here to profile the benefits and finer details of a few products from the Clinique for Men range.

Clinique was founded in 1968, when a certain Estée Lauder decided to experiment with the idea of routine daily skin care. They offer cosmetics, but us men needn't worry about that, which is why I'll be looking at the following products...

Post-Shave Soother RRP: £18.50

This product is designed to help with irritated skin after shaving and also it softens yourClinique Post -Shave -Soother (1) facial hair to try and prevent the issue of ingrown hairs. The soother itself is actually quite runny, which I wasn't expecting and it also appears to be fragrance free. All you smell in the liquid itself is the alcohol. I believe that this would be a further effort to lessen the strain that your skin is asked to endure during shaving. As with other brands of quality, a little bit goes a long way and this, coupled with the fact that the solution itself doesn't irritate your skin at all, in my mind makes it a worthwhile product.

Moisturizing Lotion RRP: £23.00

As with the Post-Shave soother, this isn't fragranced, aside from lightly resembling the smell of  E45 cream. It's very Clinique Moisturizing Lotionlight weight and it absorbs quickly thus leaving your skin looking healthy and fresh. The only downside anyone could potentially have is that it isn't fragranced, but as previously mentioned, I'm sure that this would be to avoid unnecessary irritation. Also, to bolster my point further, if you're a man that's buying moisturiser then I'm sure you're probably acquainted with anti-perspirent or after shave.

Face Scrub RRP: £18.00

I'm just gonna jump out and say that this one is the most impressive so far. It has a good level of grit to it, which again, would help with ingrown hairs, removing dead skin Clinique Face Scrubcells and clearing skin pores. The product itself smells amazing in use and afterwards. It has a very clean, almost menthol smell to it. This product is very impressive and I'd certainly recommend it. It's an absolute no brainer if you're currently lacking in the exfoliation department.

Cream Shave RRP: £14.00

As someone who typically uses shaving foam, this is a lot more light weight, and it means you don't have to have the whole Santa Claus beard effect going on during your shave. You also need a lot less than if you were using foam. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed and again, completely non irritated. It's as though you've just had a refreshing wash, rather than the reality of dragging a razor across your skin. Overall, it's a superb product and certainly a worthwhile addition to your toiletry bag.

I think three out of these four products are certainly worth owning, but I'd say the post-shave soother would be missable, especially if you're using the other Clinique products.  After exfoliating, using the shave cream and then moisturising, I couldn't imagine that your skin would feel any better also using the post shave soother. Then again, on the flip side, if your skin is very irritated after shaving and you aren't into moisturising then you'd likely be able to get by with just that. It all depends on what you're looking for.

Thanks very much for reading, and I'll be back soon with more thoughts on whichever products the kind people at Chave and Jackson would like me to look at.

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