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Allergy Awareness Week April 28th - May 4th 2014

This week is UK Allergy Awareness Week...

As a Hay fever sufferer then I know how miserable and debilitating allergies can be.  The start of the grass pollen season is met with dread as the first wafts of freshly cut grass fill the air. Itchy nose, eyes and dry scratchy throat all follow in quick succession.

Allergies tend to be more problematic this time of year but for some people it can affect them all year round.  It’s important to take preventative measures as well as dealing with the symptoms themselves.  Tips such as changing clothes and washing your hair when you get home to remove the pollen; and keeping windows closed during the morning when the pollen is released can help ease the impact.  During this time eyes and skin maybe more  sensitive and so choosing hypo-allergenic  make-up, especially eye make-up can reduce irritation. Clinique offer a great range of allergy tested and 100% fragrance free products across both make-up and skincare ranges.  

At Chave and Jackson we have an extensive range of allergy treatments and a pharmacy team on hand to offer advice and guidance to navigate your way to the right solution for you. Important factors such as whether you’re pregnant or taking other medication need to be considered which can be discussed with our pharmacy team.  Further advice and information can also be found at including a handy hay fever fact sheet.

So pop in store now and talk to one of our team for a sneeze free summer!

Eva x


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