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Glamour Day

Join us to celebrate...

Here at Chave and Jackson we have had a busy few weeks organising our fabulous line up of beauty events.  Our customers love these special days and to be honest so do we! It’s so much fun organising them and it’s lovely to see our customer enjoying the day.  So following on from last week’s “Love Fragrance Day” this Saturday we are hosting Glamour Day.

We’ve also been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Estee Lauders Professional Make-up Artist Colour Collection. This much anticipated collection always proves to be a hit with our customers and the history behind the company is as inspiring as their products.  Estée Lauder became a skin care pioneer, but she also had a wonderful fragrance “nose.”  Over the years she oversaw the creation of five additional brands one of which was Clinique. We just love this photo of Estee Lauder with their beauty advisors.

Estee -with -beauty -advisors

It’s fascinating to hear the stories behind the brands and particularly as there’s often a strong woman behind them. There’s a definite vibe of girl power going on this week!

Estee Lauder started the company based on the principle of “Every woman can be beautiful”. So ladies we hope to see you there on Saturday celebrating not only Glamour but a celebration of beauty.  

Eva x

Written by Eva for Chave and Jackson at 21:12
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