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Relax and Revitalise with the New Dr Hauschka bath essence range...

Well we have had a busy few weeks with our Autumn/Winter series of events and we still have our eagerly anticipated Christmas event to come!

In preparation for this busy time I have been trying out the new Dr Hauschka Bath Essences. As a fan of their previous Bath Oils these new additions bring the range up to date without losing any of the luxuriousness that we’ve come to expect.

The range includes Rose nurturing, Almond soothing, Lemongrass vitalising, Spruce warming and my personal favourite – Moor Lavender calming.

 “Lavender Calming Bath Essence soothes tension and eases the mind after a stressful day, instilling feelings of peace and tranquility. The lavender scent helps to calm both children and adults in preparation for sleep” – Dr Hauschka

So not only great for the party season ahead it’s perfect for busy Mums too!

Check out the range in store now and let us know your favourite.

Dr -hau -bath

Eva x

Written by Eva for Chave and Jackson at 13:11
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